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JUPITER'S LEGACY Official Trailer (2021) Superheroes, Netflix Series HD

JUPITER'S LEGACY Official Trailer (New, 2021) Superheroes, Sci-Fi Netflix Series HD
© 2021 - Netflix


  1. Semih Özdemir

    Semih Özdemir

    Prije 2 sati

    the boys is 10 times better

  2. Jtrix Alpha

    Jtrix Alpha

    Prije 8 sati

    Me: mom can I watch The Boys? Mom: We got The Boys at home The Boys at home: *this*

  3. Hunter Webster

    Hunter Webster

    Prije 19 sati

    Do you guys think we're kinda _overthinking_ the whole superhero thing? I kinda miss superheroes being fun. Cool powers, a strange adventure, an entertaining villain, and some creative solution. Now everything has to be complex, "realistic" dives into the psyche. Yes, comics/graphic novels/superheroes can be deep and insightful. But sometimes I just want a fun premise with entertaining characters.

  4. OneBigBugga


    Prije 21 sat

    Interesting concept. I might get netflix back for this depending.

  5. grey hound

    grey hound

    Prije dan

    This looks so generic

  6. Flynn Parish

    Flynn Parish

    Prije dan

    wait, are they power rangers or the justice league clone?

  7. Salil Nair

    Salil Nair

    Prije 2 dana

    To be cancelled after Season 2. Don't bother.

  8. Valkyrie's Way

    Valkyrie's Way

    Prije 2 dana

    Meh. I about super hero-ed out. And this looks like they took the worst parts of the dumbest super hero movies and threw them into a pile, then said, "Taa-Daaa!". Cheesy suits, awful flying and of course, holograms. Cool music, though.

  9. Jacob Acaba

    Jacob Acaba

    Prije 2 dana

    CG FX is not good

  10. zack Milder

    zack Milder

    Prije 3 dana

    I think this show is dead on arrival - #1. too many shows atm mainly Boys, Invicible and TFATWS on DIsney then you got Umbrella Academy as well on Netflix #2 Production seems borderline subpar on certain scene and not of the quality of other shows #3 we approaching Super Hero fatigue at this rate

  11. NightCoreStudio


    Prije 3 dana

    i saw some cheap cgi

  12. TwoSpirit Empathic Sunseed

    TwoSpirit Empathic Sunseed

    Prije 3 dana

    I'm already upset they spent the last $20 of the budget, on these shake-n-go wigs. I'm still watching tho 😏

    • .Carla Collins

      .Carla Collins

      Prije 12 sati

      I'm dead!!🤣😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    • TwoSpirit Empathic Sunseed

      TwoSpirit Empathic Sunseed

      Prije 2 dana

      @Valkyrie's Way They are essentially just that. 😄However, still not quite as tragic as the hair from Inhumans.

    • Valkyrie's Way

      Valkyrie's Way

      Prije 2 dana

      What are 'shake and go' wigs? Sounds like something you'd get at a dollar store.

  13. Jay Less

    Jay Less

    Prije 3 dana

    superman family ?

  14. Ludy Guerrier

    Ludy Guerrier

    Prije 3 dana

    The only thing that DC did rightWith the movies was the watchmen and justice league Snyder cut

  15. rubanga kene bruno

    rubanga kene bruno

    Prije 4 dana

    has potential but look cheap AF

  16. Morik F

    Morik F

    Prije 4 dana

    Looks bad and cheep

  17. TheBabouc


    Prije 4 dana

    I liked the Jupiter's Legacy comics, especially Vol.2 and Skyfox(Matt Lanter) is a truly great character, they weren't my favorite comics but it was still pretty entertaining. This looks wildly different in many aspects and not like The Boys. The Boys is wildly different from the comics but the show managed to keep the heart and soul and overall premise of the comics and execute it in a amazing way and the actors are phenomenal in their roles. This however looks more like what I imagine a PG-13 version of Sky High would look like. I hope I'm wrong though.

  18. Sinton Nison

    Sinton Nison

    Prije 4 dana


  19. Tyki Mikk

    Tyki Mikk

    Prije 4 dana

    just give us The Boys season 3 for fucks sake.



    Prije 5 dana

    wtf is this shit

  21. Emir Altay

    Emir Altay

    Prije 5 dana

    wtf is this shit

  22. S M

    S M

    Prije 5 dana

    Just terrible.

  23. Mercenary128


    Prije 6 dana

    So, it's there any gender or racial swap in this one? Gimme reasons to not see it.

  24. Youtuber Number 99

    Youtuber Number 99

    Prije 6 dana

    Getting tired with all these capeshit tbh

  25. Satinderpal Mr. Singh

    Satinderpal Mr. Singh

    Prije 6 dana

    looks like new superheroes universe comes up to compete with Marvel and DC universe.

  26. D-Tech


    Prije 6 dana

    Cliche much

  27. Daniel Clarke

    Daniel Clarke

    Prije 6 dana


  28. lekanfila


    Prije 6 dana

    lemao no thanks

  29. JAY3Sav


    Prije 6 dana

    The only thing I took away from this trailer that I appreciate was the single look of a hero that was not only a woman of color, but also had a REALISTIC body type. At least there's that.

  30. Mati P

    Mati P

    Prije 6 dana

    damn, it looks very crappy

  31. Erman Er

    Erman Er

    Prije 7 dana

    1:35 fake batman 😏

  32. Marco Cesare H'ghar

    Marco Cesare H'ghar

    Prije 7 dana


  33. Wind and Cloud Shadow

    Wind and Cloud Shadow

    Prije 7 dana

    I hope it's more then just looks.

  34. T started YTB

    T started YTB

    Prije 7 dana

    I like this

  35. Joy Walker

    Joy Walker

    Prije 7 dana

    I hope they keep it on longer than one or 2 seasons, because this looks really good, but who knows with it being Netflix, I do hope these stay on the series a lot longer, I know people are saying these are not good actors, they're just not famous huge actors, yet give it a chance you might like them..

  36. jamal smith

    jamal smith

    Prije 7 dana

    Me: Can we pay to see The Boys? Mom: We have The Boys at home. The Boys at home:

  37. Oliver Hough

    Oliver Hough

    Prije 7 dana

    yea just a shittier invincible or the boys attempt

  38. Kain Dragoon

    Kain Dragoon

    Prije 7 dana

    So they reworte the entire story. Well I guess might do bad.

  39. lucky munyoro

    lucky munyoro

    Prije 8 dana

    lol kept wondering wen the trailer will end....#boring

  40. mauricio canalmusical

    mauricio canalmusical

    Prije 8 dana

    fk more supe movies? I guess no more originality instead hollywood makes more cash grabs

  41. Brian White

    Brian White

    Prije 8 dana

    This is Netflix desperate to find Amazons excellence with The Boys. Let's face it, Netflix only good originals now are basically all Anime, like Castlevania and Blood of Zeus. Its disappointing, The Witcher had potential, but loses from all this time off.

  42. ThisGuyColin


    Prije 8 dana

    costume design by Party City

  43. Demiurge13


    Prije 9 dana

    this don't look bad, i'll give it a shot. Although i know netflix will fuck it up somehow

  44. Sandra Richardson

    Sandra Richardson

    Prije 10 dana

    @ St . Vencient & the Granderdines © la "; Souferien coloumbet HACCp Cyber ™ Nike ™ just feel itt ™ kool-Aid

  45. Kevin Schneider

    Kevin Schneider

    Prije 10 dana

    Ah yeah, another "serious, but funny and innovative" take on the superhero genre with exciting characters that are ,of course, "homages" to one of around 20 classic and beloved superheros (because creating your own characters and superpowers is hard) that are all over 70 years old and STILL more original than the freaking "homages" If you want to criticize moral trends and the way cinema evolved, maybe don't use moral trends and the way cinema has evolved (into streaming) Are they pre existing characters with established lore and fanbase? Sure. But do the creators of those shows care about that? HELL NO! it's all so hypocritical, and on the other hand just a cash grab, there can be no passion with stuff like this OR The Boyz. Sorry for the tone but... those shows feel like the nerd in school who suddenly wears Air Force Ones, just to be cool or at least part of the conversation, but at the same time bought the most outlandish and ugly pair of AFones because he still wants to be "different". Unfortunately he didn't realize he already gave in to the social pressure and might as well buy a simple black or white pair, instead of insisting how "individual" his way of commercialism is. If you stand against commercial marketing and the decline of values portrayed by modern superhero movies and shows, maybe don't make a commercially marketed superhero show about the decline of values!!! Own what and who you are, or don't. But this is just washing your hands in innocence while pointing fingers at people who do what you do, just more successfully. Can't wait to forget about this, a week after I watched the 3rd episode.

  46. sai john

    sai john

    Prije 10 dana


  47. 13 Percenter

    13 Percenter

    Prije 10 dana

    Lame ass white suits.

  48. Armando Bertha

    Armando Bertha

    Prije 10 dana

    Looking better then avengers and justice league

  49. Hector Tuty Curras

    Hector Tuty Curras

    Prije 11 dana

    Name of the song ? ASAP

    • LMW2086


      Prije 8 dana

      It’s this one

  50. very dark passenger

    very dark passenger

    Prije 11 dana

    Who needs Marvel.

  51. Mark F

    Mark F

    Prije 11 dana


  52. Young Tevanced

    Young Tevanced

    Prije 11 dana

    wow, it looks fantastic

  53. TheUltimateNewPlayer


    Prije 11 dana

    Okay, now this is quality. Between this and the and the marvel shows on Disney Plus. Now The Boys on Amazon can't get away with any low quality action sequences in season 3. Competition has come. Now I feel like I need all the streaming services I have HBO Max, Disney Plus, Amazon prime, and soon to reactivate my Netflix. Still cheaper than a cable package.

  54. Lost Boys Film

    Lost Boys Film

    Prije 11 dana

    dang i turned off the trailer. good luck getting me to watch the movie

  55. UNDE4D zH0RR0R

    UNDE4D zH0RR0R

    Prije 11 dana

    Oh cool Amazon has another superhero show Sees Netflix: oh. Oh, never mind.

  56. MR. NOBODY


    Prije 12 dana

    Looks good to me...I'll check it out.

  57. E T. YohanPhinshins

    E T. YohanPhinshins

    Prije 12 dana

    Liiiiikeeeeeeeee 👍👍💪👏👏👍

  58. jey fomson

    jey fomson

    Prije 12 dana

    The comics were quite good. Let's see how the show turns out.

  59. tontoace7


    Prije 12 dana

    Seems interesting.

  60. Jon Esco

    Jon Esco

    Prije 12 dana

    Invisible live action

  61. Grizzlo


    Prije 12 dana

    Everything’s always been woke? Everything. And yes always....

  62. Raphael Rohan

    Raphael Rohan

    Prije 12 dana

    Hm just hm

  63. Taurus Wiggins

    Taurus Wiggins

    Prije 12 dana

    She's a real heroes.

  64. Abriel Pilapil

    Abriel Pilapil

    Prije 12 dana

    Damn.. I thought a sequel of jupiter ascending..

    • Demiurge13


      Prije 9 dana

      lmao glad i wasn't the only one who thought that

  65. Ken Preston

    Ken Preston

    Prije 12 dana

    How many other properties can you steal from and still call it an original film?

  66. Aggressively Mediocre

    Aggressively Mediocre

    Prije 12 dana

    More preachy woke trash. No thanks.

  67. Judge_Wolf


    Prije 12 dana

    Does not look good

  68. Anik Rahman

    Anik Rahman

    Prije 12 dana

    Man thers shit ton of superhero film. Come on.

  69. Alix Cigagorilla

    Alix Cigagorilla

    Prije 12 dana

    Well, if I base my theory to this cringy music playing in the background, this series will suck big time. Especially from some scenes. OMG it will be bad. Netflix has to realize that it’s better to do less material with quality rather than a shitload of project with mediocre to bad quality. Damn. Another great catch! Straight to the bin!

  70. Ivan Mark Padilla

    Ivan Mark Padilla

    Prije 12 dana

    The Incredibles plus Watchmen

  71. Mister Oates

    Mister Oates

    Prije 12 dana

    I'll check it out as it looks cool and I do love that comic books/graphic novels are a new form of entertainment being brought to the big screen. I'm all for originality like everyone ALWAYS is but look at all the originality we received for centuries in the form of books. Graphic novels/comics are just the newest form of original entertainment in print from last century. *Lol ;)*. I think it is great that we get to see what other people envisioned in their minds while reading at the time. I can keep going on but it isn't really hard to prove my point. The people yelling for original movies probably don't read either and realize we already have all of this great unseen footage because it hasn't been shot yet. Even though it has only been a decade or two before we really got to start seeing the superhero genre, I feel like we are just scratching the surface of good graphic novels/comic turned movies. I am glad though that that genre is starting to become less superheroes and more muddy with all around stories from graphic novels (in my opinion, "Scott Pilgrim). We have brilliant artists who I'm guessing thought just writing a novel is not enough for them and they included drawings to better show their world in the reader's minds'. Now it just occurred to me that what I just described is typically a children's book in a normal state of mind (i.e. I say it as a conversation in public and the person I'm with assumes I am talking about a children's book) but I'm sure that is why we started saying graphic novels. Not all books with pictures have to be PG. I do want to end this random story of mine with saying that I hate with every graphic novel turned show, there is someone in the comments every time saying this is going to be the best show in the world as the novel is the best thing I read, check it out. Something along those lines. I know someone wouldn't take a stinker of a novel and try to move that into media form but damn I am guessing not every graphic novel is a knock out of the park. Even if it could be a big swing and a miss and could potentially ruin my career, if I were a director, script writer, or something a long those lines, I would try to take a stinker of a book and try to make a movie/show out of it. What if it is actually better that way. Anyways still looking forward to this and now that Friday is so close, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier tomorrow morning. Yeah Boi.

  72. Humble DayZ

    Humble DayZ

    Prije 12 dana

    Look good

  73. john diaz

    john diaz

    Prije 12 dana

    The (Gossip) Boys

  74. Jeremiah Pippen

    Jeremiah Pippen

    Prije 12 dana

    these costumes and wigs look awful.the dialogue is straight cheese and nothing about this is new or innovative. is this a student project or something



    Prije 12 dana

    Look delicious 😋😋😋

  76. MK


    Prije 12 dana

    Love Mark Millar but....I just got into Invincible and how many superhero universes do we really need at this point? This looks like CW got a Netflix series.

  77. Uncompletedrecall


    Prije 13 dana

    This looks lame as hell.

  78. Core Hydration

    Core Hydration

    Prije 13 dana

    lmao im going to check it out but marvel on disney and justice league on hbo got to be putting a hurting on net flix too bad they cancel some of their good shows 2 yrs ago They need to bring back the OA

  79. Sidiq Risrhamadhan

    Sidiq Risrhamadhan

    Prije 13 dana

    Calling Omni Man. Everyone dies

  80. Sammie


    Prije 13 dana

    The boys ripoff

  81. Mike


    Prije 13 dana

    Oh look, another superhero tv show... yay.

  82. PeterJelo


    Prije 13 dana

    i'm tired of superhero movies - there i said it.

  83. L F

    L F

    Prije 13 dana

    boring 😴

  84. Jonathan Friederick

    Jonathan Friederick

    Prije 13 dana

    bad writing = this show

  85. Faithality Blog

    Faithality Blog

    Prije 13 dana

    So this is Netflixs answer to The Boys

  86. Micha3l A

    Micha3l A

    Prije 13 dana

    The music was pretty great with it!!!

  87. Mens Grooming Advice

    Mens Grooming Advice

    Prije 13 dana

    This looks better than 90% of DC films - hope it lives up the the trailer

  88. Mohamed Fouda

    Mohamed Fouda

    Prije 13 dana

    I was bored out of my mind watching the trailer !

    • Kal El

      Kal El

      Prije 7 dana


  89. David Bailey

    David Bailey

    Prije 13 dana

    “When will the superhero hype pass its peak???”

    • techtonikshyft


      Prije 12 dana

      One film affter it reaches its peak, whenever that will be.

  90. Apokolips MEOW

    Apokolips MEOW

    Prije 13 dana

    If the Utopian and Lady Liberty don't get merked in the first episode, I'm out. It almost looks like it's really Jupiter's Legacy but has a very CW feel. What made the book so great was the shock and awe of the first issue. Looks like they're bringing the Jupiter's Circle stuff into it a bit but if this is a show about the Utopian spending a season to keep his family together and his eyes don't get burnt out of his skull in the first episode, I'm out.

  91. 0 Subscriber • 15 years ago

    0 Subscriber • 15 years ago

    Prije 13 dana

    looks dumb but interesting ill watch it

  92. 0 Subscriber • 15 years ago

    0 Subscriber • 15 years ago

    Prije 13 dana

    the 7 justice of shazam league

  93. CdrRogue


    Prije 13 dana

    "The world is changing" / 10

  94. Johnathan Simonson

    Johnathan Simonson

    Prije 13 dana

    Why do I get the feeling super hero series are going to get worse 😂😂

  95. DoruKasama


    Prije 13 dana


  96. lex murillo

    lex murillo

    Prije 13 dana

    Welp... this doesn't look good.

  97. Niop Tres

    Niop Tres

    Prije 13 dana

    Wow, you must have a very tight pocket if your effects make teh CW look like Avatar

  98. Astropleb


    Prije 13 dana

    If Netflix doesn't up the quality of its stories and content they'll get left in the dust by Disney in like 5 years or so .

    • Jenny Ryan

      Jenny Ryan

      Prije 12 dana

      Dont think humanity will make it that far, but if we do you are correct in your assumptions.

  99. NyQuiiL Cold & Flu

    NyQuiiL Cold & Flu

    Prije 13 dana

    I’d rather rewatch The Boys, or watch the next few episodes of Invincible. This looks like what if CW had an extra $100 to play with.

    • Valkyrie's Way

      Valkyrie's Way

      Prije 2 dana

      @Rinke.m Oh, you aren't. Like every other phase, Hollywood over saturates the market and ends up killing a genre for a decade. Like all the natural disaster/apocalypse movies about ten years ago, or cop buddy films or films about aliens, robots, etc. I'm just about over the super hero phase as well. I'll watch the last episode of TFATWS, but only because of Sebastian Stan and even that is boring.

    • Aden Smith

      Aden Smith

      Prije 8 dana

      yeh looks like a tv show .

    • Rinke.m


      Prije 8 dana

      glad to see i'm not the only one sick of "super heroes, but gritty/real"

  100. Adam Donnelly

    Adam Donnelly

    Prije 13 dana

    3 effed up superhero shows is enough for I'll give this a watch haha