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  1. BZF


    Prije 23 sati

    While I'm very happy this is coming out, having the movie without Ryan Dunn and Bam just isn't the same for me

  2. Charly Kate

    Charly Kate

    Prije 23 sati

    I don't like Serena as a person, BUT I still give her the flowers and respect she deserves. She is a beast and a really good one too. I just wish she'd snap out of the victim mentality and recognize that she is a victor.

  3. Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    Prije 23 sati

    Top of my list of flicks to see. Otherwise, it’s another CGI 💩like any Marvel Comics movie or Tom Cruise junk.

  4. DreadCSGO


    Prije 23 sati

    I hope they remember a tribute to Ryan Dunn.. RIP <3

  5. Cheeky Haadi

    Cheeky Haadi

    Prije 23 sati

    Lawyer: why did you raped this woman Accuse: Devil made me do this Devil: slaps the accused and says I dint even think about this in my wildest dream, you humans come up with nasty things and blame it on devil.

  6. Brett Brunson

    Brett Brunson

    Prije 23 sati

    Finna smack

  7. wayne11301


    Prije 23 sati

    King Asian Parents

  8. Lofi Lee

    Lofi Lee

    Prije 23 sati


  9. Maša ašaM

    Maša ašaM

    Prije 23 sati

    Justin came back to life

  10. Kailyn


    Prije 23 sati

    I can’t wait these movies are so entertaining to watch

  11. Nano Clow

    Nano Clow

    Prije 23 sati

    this is the worst trailer for some of the best talents in hollywood. it doesn't make any sense. the movie looks so bad but paul schrader is so good, oscar isaac is incredible, willem dafoe... like wut



    Prije 23 sati


  13. Kharn The Betrayer

    Kharn The Betrayer

    Prije 23 sati

    Loved the What If comics, going to love this .

  14. john doe

    john doe

    Prije 23 sati

    They used brad douriffs original laugh in this trailer...but is it going to be him throughout the series. Because it doesn't sound like him when he talks

  15. Dylan Lachance

    Dylan Lachance

    Prije dan

    Looks well done!

  16. Lex Gen

    Lex Gen

    Prije dan

    Next fast and furious will be filmed on Sun

  17. Jakub Staś

    Jakub Staś

    Prije dan

    Nice. But how I can watch that show if in a country without D+ access ?

  18. Mama- -Rua

    Mama- -Rua

    Prije dan

    Looks good.

  19. Hisham El Fangary

    Hisham El Fangary

    Prije dan

    Anyone notice Tchala (Starlord) and Yondu fighting .... Adam Warlock?

  20. Dominik Janes

    Dominik Janes

    Prije dan

    why do women live longer? Sometimes i wonder...

  21. Ryan Kohls

    Ryan Kohls

    Prije dan

    Im going to miss Kims Convience. That show is hilarious. However and i know im going to get some hate but this really does not look that good. In fact most scenes look generic to me.

  22. Christophe Schmitt

    Christophe Schmitt

    Prije dan

    Jackass without Bam Margera isn't Jackass!

  23. Star2Be83


    Prije dan

    Worst trailer I’ve ever seen.. looks cheap

  24. memegod4life


    Prije dan

    what if there were 3 spider-men where their actors were named: Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire, and Tom Holland, huh? oh wait, that's already reserved for no way home... apologies!

  25. Earthworm Chewer

    Earthworm Chewer

    Prije dan

    Jesus Christ loves you

  26. Earthworm Chewer

    Earthworm Chewer

    Prije dan

    Black guy in fart mask? This shall be exquisite

  27. Brahic Morgan

    Brahic Morgan

    Prije dan

    Why are they speaking in english if they're italians. I cannot get over that fact. It's like when you watch Homeland and the talibans have conversations in english between them.

  28. lms


    Prije dan

    I almost cried watching this! Looks so good!

  29. Mark


    Prije dan

    I don't know about this man. I was a teenager, drinking, getting high, with my first girlfriend when this was I a thing. It's too depressing to think how much time has gone by.

  30. Okpara Blessing

    Okpara Blessing

    Prije dan

    What's the name of the movie

  31. Hamburger


    Prije dan

    Oh hoo hoo I want wait to watch that ahhhhh🔥🔥

  32. Eren becomes dove *crying*

    Eren becomes dove *crying*

    Prije dan

    So cringe

  33. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    Prije dan

    What a bad cast

  34. Retro Amateur

    Retro Amateur

    Prije dan

    Who the hell plays third person shooters with a freaking flightstick!? BTW Women fangirling over Josh Hatcherson is so damn cringe...

  35. BruhChickenTho


    Prije dan

    Nicholas Cage IS a national treasure

  36. Ellie Sings

    Ellie Sings

    Prije dan

    I'm interested

  37. Pha-tha Ma

    Pha-tha Ma

    Prije dan

    This is a combination of Chronicles of Riddick and Star Wars.

  38. John Doe

    John Doe

    Prije dan

    What a load of rubbish really

  39. Marsha Q

    Marsha Q

    Prije dan

    Wow I actually like Melissa McCarthy I think she's pretty adorable and sweet but pretty much if she's in a movie it's going to be stupid

  40. Leandro X

    Leandro X

    Prije dan

    Isn't Gucci racist? Why are we making movies about racists...ohhh yeah, The World is racist, I just forgot. Btw looks boring and lame, so of Course they had to use Gaga to save this shit.

  41. Brad Waugh

    Brad Waugh

    Prije dan

    No thanks unless bam is there

  42. David C. Olson

    David C. Olson

    Prije dan

    Haddish as leading lady not. Looks terrible 2 star movie at best.

  43. DJ Fastburst

    DJ Fastburst

    Prije dan

    Its time

  44. SalmoTheFirst


    Prije dan

    a kid taken from Wakanda at such a young age would have an accent closer to that of his captors. he would not sound african at all. sometimes hollywood tries too hard with their fake social justice and representation campaigns. there's a reason most can't speak from the heart and need PR reps to filter interview questions

  45. LoneWolf2020


    Prije dan

    0:16 OMG!!! Ultron Vision

  46. Radha K. Ugo

    Radha K. Ugo

    Prije dan

    Blind Armies with matching uniforms. ~ Season 2

  47. Aurore W.

    Aurore W.

    Prije dan

    A very good movie 👍

  48. 7Heaven Catholic Talk Series

    7Heaven Catholic Talk Series

    Prije dan

    Thank you for making this movie! I highly Serena and Venus and their father for pushing them soooo hard.He deserves the title 'KING' indeed!

  49. jkshock


    Prije dan

    I love that song

  50. kima Ward

    kima Ward

    Prije dan

    Just watched this and just wanna say his whole family should just be thrown away. Wife and daughter just na’an one of them not worth a damn 😮‍💨😭

  51. HOTDOG


    Prije dan

    why are there subtitles lol

  52. Marinadela


    Prije dan

    This is literally the revolution of the world

  53. David Correia

    David Correia

    Prije dan

    Great show sadly is in platform that a small part of population have acess

  54. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei

    Prije dan

    Fun fact: Serena Williams was the voice of Ming the female gaurd for Uncle Iroh on the day of black sun episode.

  55. Under Ground

    Under Ground

    Prije dan

    Nintendo we want to see the good old OoT Link again! Bring this epicness back !!

  56. Amateur Chilli Grower

    Amateur Chilli Grower

    Prije dan

    Is this actually real

  57. Lu


    Prije dan

    Looka hood

  58. Pepper Bridge

    Pepper Bridge

    Prije dan


  59. Rakhal Sarker

    Rakhal Sarker

    Prije dan

    The ill-informed observation biophysically watch because examination prominently press save a cautious fired. lame, innate withdrawal



    Prije dan

    When you need to do a triple take to know who Jared Leto is playing 🌚 That's how you know it's a potentially good film

  61. Havilah Sam-Aliyu

    Havilah Sam-Aliyu

    Prije dan

    I was absent-mindedly watching this trailer, then I got to the 1-minute mark and heard Fela...........and I screamed!! My heart went gbim-gbim😂😂😂

  62. David Hayden

    David Hayden

    Prije dan

    The twist is that she wasn't a willing after all she was actually Donald Trump in disguise

  63. leigh


    Prije dan

    This wasn’t bad actually,the dude reminded me of the great Chris cornell

  64. Mushroom Head

    Mushroom Head

    Prije dan

    I prefer John Rhys Davies

  65. sn3192


    Prije dan

    i am so hyped. the new rustic scenery is great too. even though i miss miami's glamour

  66. Mushroom Head

    Mushroom Head

    Prije dan

    The Terror: Free Willy

  67. Paras Shrestha

    Paras Shrestha

    Prije dan

    I would be happy if this was a new movie but I got happier knowing this was a game

  68. Sid


    Prije dan

    Hearing “Hello I’m Johnny Knoxvile welcome to Jackass” in 2021.. I think i just shed a tear..

  69. Kevin Griffin

    Kevin Griffin

    Prije dan

    Looks hilarious

  70. London Campbell

    London Campbell

    Prije dan

    Carnage is going to be a huge problem

  71. Scotty secretly loves Chryslers

    Scotty secretly loves Chryslers

    Prije dan

    What terrible decisions do you need to make in life that you go from Con Air and Gone in 60 seconds to PIG movie?

  72. Liliana Araiza-Trujillo

    Liliana Araiza-Trujillo

    Prije dan

    Maybe her gift is being super polite like the Colombians I’ve met lol. Or maybe she can dance a mean cumbia 😜

  73. Jessica Abi saber

    Jessica Abi saber

    Prije dan

    Lady Caca 💩

    • Leandro X

      Leandro X

      Prije dan


  74. x47


    Prije dan

    Ugh, what's with the silly attempts at "comedy"? Very off-putting.

  75. Rakhal Sarker

    Rakhal Sarker

    Prije dan

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  76. Tina Garcia

    Tina Garcia

    Prije dan

    The piquant cicada pivotally educate because equipment phylogenetically pine under a far-flung summer. hollow, sore tent

  77. Tommy Elek

    Tommy Elek

    Prije dan